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Streamlining Retreat Planning, Cindicates Backs RetreatsAndVenues

The corporate retreat market is thriving. Companies recognize the value of team-building experiences and offsite meetings to boost morale, communication, and overall company culture. However, the planning process often becomes a time-consuming black hole.

RetreatsAndVenues tackles this head-on, offering a user-friendly platform and expert guidance to streamline the process and get you to the fun part – the retreat itself! Forget endless web searches and time-consuming venue comparisons. RetreatsAndVenues is changing the way companies plan retreats and offsites.

Vision and Origin


Founded by Cory Sivell (CEO), Matthew Oakes, and Mike Tan, a team passionate about creating memorable corporate experiences, RetreatsAndVenues aims to streamline the often-stressful process of finding the perfect retreat venue. 

With the team’s diverse backgrounds in event planning, hospitality, and technology, their combined expertise fuels their dedication to innovation and exceptional customer service. Their vision is to become the go-to platform for corporate retreat planning, offering a seamless and personalized experience. 

Why RetreatsAndVenues is Different (and Awesome)


Forget the generic booking sites with their impersonal listings. RetreatsAndVenues offers a curated haven for corporate retreats:

  • Curated Venue Database: Over 4,200 retreat venues worldwide have been handpicked and vetted by their community of retreat leaders and corporate clients. This ensures a higher standard of quality and suitability for company retreats.
  • Dedicated Venue Specialists: Customers are assigned a dedicated specialist who understands their needs and provides customized venue recommendations, saving hours of research.
  • Comparison and Booking Tools: A "Venue Shortlist & Comparison Tool" allows easy side-by-side comparisons based on pricing, availability, and key features like meeting space, food options, and proximity to airports.

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  • Free Service & Best Price Guarantee: Working with RetreatsAndVenues comes at no cost to the customer. They leverage pre-negotiated rates with their venue partners to guarantee the best possible pricing.
Why Cindicates Invested

Cindicates recognized the potential of RetreatsAndVenues to disrupt the corporate retreat planning space. Their technology-driven platform, combined with their curated venue database and dedicated service, addresses a clear need in the market.

Richard Branson’s famous line, "Take care of your employees and they’ll take care of your business," aligns perfectly with why Cindicates invested in RetreatsAndVenues. By promoting employee engagement and well-being through their platform, RetreatsAndVenues directly addresses a critical aspect of business success, creating a positive social impact and making it a compelling investment.

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RetreatsAndVenues offers a breath of fresh air for corporate retreat planning. They’re set to lead the market by helping companies strengthen their teams and create unforgettable experiences.

By streamlining the planning process, RetreatsAndVenues empowers companies to create impactful and engaging retreat experiences for their employees. This can lead to improved team morale, communication, and overall company culture. Additionally, their focus on handpicked venues supports unique and eco-friendly retreat locations, ensuring each event is both memorable and sustainable.


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