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Discover how your investments can make a real difference in BC

Impact Investing

At Cindicates, we empower investors like you to make a real difference. We offer curated portfolios strategically focused on BC startups that prioritize strong Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) practices. This means you can invest in a brighter future for our province while generating competitive returns.

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What is Impact Investing?

ESG investing is about aligning your investments with your values. You're not just putting your money to work; you're actively supporting companies that are making a positive social and environmental impact. We use a rigorous ESG framework to evaluate potential investments. Here's how it works:

Environmental Responsibility

We assess a company's impact on the planet, considering resource management, pollution reduction, and climate-change solutions.

Social Impact

We look at how a company treats its employees, customers, and communities. Factors like fair labor practices, diversity and inclusion, and community engagement are all crucial.

Strong Governance

Effective leadership, transparency, and ethical practices are essential. This ensures responsible decision-making and accountability.

Are you an accredited BC investor?

Don't miss this chance to invest with us! Cindicates is currently taking investments for Cohort D.

Expert Guidance

Our team boasts deep expertise in BC's startup ecosystem. We identify promising companies with high growth potential alongside a positive social and environmental impact.

Seamless Investment Experience

Investing shouldn't be complicated. Our platform streamlines the process, providing you with all the information you need to make informed decisions.

Curated Investment Opportunities

We source and carefully vet investment opportunities, saving you valuable time and resources. Our curated portfolio focuses on innovative startups poised to make a real difference.

Building a Community of Impact

By investing with Cindicates, you join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals driven to create a lasting positive impact.