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Cindicates Invests in Hummingbird Drones and FireAI: Powering the Future of Wildfire Response

At Cindicates, we invest in more than just companies; we invest in progress, one innovation at a time. That’s why we’re thrilled to announce our investment in Hummingbird Drones and FireAI, two pioneering companies based in Victoria, that are merged together in taking flight in the fight against wildfires.

From Firefighters to Tech Trailblazers: Saving Lives with AI-Powered Drones and Data


Hummingbird’s story is one of grit, innovation, and relentless pursuit of better. Founded by former wildlife firefighters Robert Atwood and Richard Sullivan, they know the dangers and challenges of battling blazes firsthand. Their solution? Drones equipped with AI-powered imaging software, giving firefighters real-time intel on their phones like never before. It’s not just cool tech; it’s a lifeline.

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But the story doesn’t end there. FireAI boasts the world’s largest infrared wildfire dataset and a lightning-fast AI algorithm that cuts through data 100 times faster than traditional methods. FireAI acts as a translator for the complex language of wildfire data. It takes the vast amount of infrared data gathered by Hummingbird and turns it into a clear, actionable language understood by firefighters.

Just like Waze reroutes traffic around congestion, FireAI reroutes firefighters directly. It analyzes data in real-time, finding the safest, most efficient paths to attack the blaze. It’s not just navigating the flames; it’s outsmarting them.


Why We Invested

Here at Cindicates, we invest in companies that align with our values, not just our spreadsheets. And Hummingbird Drones and FireAI tick all the boxes:

Proven Track Record

  • Bootstrapped Beginnings: Fueled by $41,000 and firefighter grit, Hummingbird took flight without VC backing.
  • Profitable Reality: Their drone services soared to $1.7 million in 2021, proving real-world impact beyond noble dreams.
  • Financial Stability: An angel investor, captivated by their vision, offered $750,000 at a $6.25 million pre-money valuation, signifying strong prospects and investor confidence.
  • Sustainable Growth: Projected revenue exceeding $4.5 million this year reflects continued financial improvement and upward trajectory.

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Visionary Leaders

  • Real-World Expertise: Robert and Richard aren’t just tech geeks; they’re real-world heroes with the experience and passion to translate frontline needs into game-changing solutions.
  • Strategic Focus: Recognizing the long-term potential beyond drones, they’re pivoting towards software, the brain behind the brawn.
  • Innovative Mindsets: Rob’s quote about drones becoming “common tools” showcases their forward-thinking approach and ability to anticipate market trends.

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Impact Beyond Profit

  • Saving Lives: FireAI equips firefighters with actionable insights, enabling them to make informed decisions and potentially save lives.
  • Data-Driven Solutions: Hummingbird’s technology goes beyond simply fighting fires, it proactively protects communities with data-driven intelligence.
  • Community Protection: Their solutions aim to minimize the devastating consequences of wildfires on communities, safeguarding homes and lives.

Hummingbird Drones and FireAI paints a clear picture of the future. They plan for a seed funding round next year and a bold rebrand as Nova, signalling a new era of data-driven firefighting. This isn’t just a name change, it’s a declaration of intent.



Our investment in Hummingbird Drones and FireAI is more than just a financial move; it’s a statement. We believe in the power of technology to tackle some of the world’s biggest challenges, and we’re proud to stand alongside heroes who are putting their lives on the line to protect our planet.
So join us as we cheer on Hummingbird Drones and FireAI’s next chapter. It’s a flight towards a future where fire gets outmaneuvered, lives are saved, and communities thrive, one byte at a time. 

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