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The Future of Data Sharing: Cindicates Invests in Intlabs to Build a Secure and Connected World

In a world hungry for seamless data sharing, yet paralyzed by security concerns, Intlabs emerges as a beacon of hope. Their revolutionary ORIGIN platform isn’t just about securing data; it’s about unlocking its transformative potential. And at Cindicates, we saw an opportunity too powerful to ignore.

Unlocking Data’s Full Potential: How Intlabs Is Building a World of Secure Sharing


Imagine a world where data, our most valuable asset, flows freely and securely, fueling collaboration across borders and industries. That’s the future Intlabs is building, brick by digital brick, with their revolutionary ORIGIN platform.

Think of ORIGIN as a digital guardian angel for your data. It ensures everyone plays by the rules, keeping information safe and compliant, no matter where it travels. Governments can share intelligence seamlessly, enterprises can collaborate globally with confidence, and the military can access critical data in real-time, all under the watchful eye of ORIGIN—no privacy sacrificed, no regulations breached.

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But ORIGIN isn’t just a security blanket; it’s a key that unlocks data’s true potential. Silos crumble, information flows freely, and faster, smarter decisions become the norm. Imagine analysts united across continents, tackling critical projects with complete visibility. Picture commanders reacting to evolving threats with pinpoint precision. That’s the power of ORIGIN at your fingertips.


Why Intlabs?


Their innovative spirit and market potential caught our eye. We believe in backing companies that solve real-world problems and push the boundaries of technology, and Intlabs fits the bill perfectly.

  • The alignment couldn’t be more clear. They tick all the boxes for Cindicates’ investment thesis: a Victoria-based gem solving a global data security challenge, their sights set on secure and compliant information sharing across diverse sectors.
  • Beyond mere compliance, ORIGIN ignites trust. It’s a digital security champion fostering unprecedented collaboration—a seamless intelligence sharing between governments, real-time data access for military commanders, and borderless cooperation between enterprises, all under ORIGIN’s secure umbrella.
  • Leading the charge? A visionary team. Intlabs is driven by a visionary leader and a team of experts passionate about making data the world’s most trusted currency.
    • Meet Karl Swannie, the tech titan CEO and mastermind behind IntLabs. With over 20 years of experience in technology, including leading the successful exit of Echosec Systems—a real-time security platform against threat data that uses advanced AI and machine learning—Karl brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in data security, AI, and large-scale data management. He’s assembled a remarkable team around him:
      • Mike Anderson, a highly skilled CTO with extensive experience in analyzing global security threats and building robust data platforms.
      • Michelle Rogers, a seasoned CFO with a proven track record of driving financial success in high-growth tech companies.
      • Rob Foxall, an experienced COO with a strong background in sales, finance, and venture capital, ensuring operational excellence and growth.
  • Intlabs isn’t just promising, they’re delivering. They’ve conquered the prestigious Rogers Cybersecure Catalyst Accelerator, launched the virtual ORIGIN test drive called the Data Governance Cyber Range, and even built their own custom AI tool to streamline client experience. These are more than milestones; they’re proof of a team laser-focused on execution.
  • Cindicates backs companies that shape the future, not just solve problems. Intlabs’ vision mirrors ours: a data-powered world where collaboration fuels innovation and unlocks progress. ORIGIN holds the key, and we’re proud to invest in Intlabs to unlock it together.



The future of data is secure, connected, and powered by Intlabs. With ORIGIN leading the way, we’re building a world where information flows freely, driving collaboration, innovation, and progress.

Ready to join the data revolution? Head over to Intlabs’ website and see how ORIGIN can empower your organization to share, collaborate, and achieve more. And at Cindicates, we’re always on the lookout for game-changers like Intlabs.

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