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Find out about the startups we backed and their impact on BC's tech landscape.


Legal Tech


SaaS platform that simplifies legal help by connecting people with lawyers online, streamlining tasks and payments for a smoother legal experience.
Digital Governance


Intlabs' core offering, ORIGIN, is a digital fabric governance platform that simplifies data sovereignty and safety while increasing efficiency.
Kinitics automation

Kinitics Automation

Cleantech pioneers combatting gas industry emissions with their eco-friendly valve, powered by innovative shape memory alloy technology.
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Wildfire Management

Hummingbird Drones/FireAI

A powerful duo using AI to outsmart wildfires, giving firefighters real-time intel and strategic guidance for safer and more efficient operations.
Voxcell Bioinnovation

Voxcell BioInnovation

Revolutionizing drug development and cancer research with 3D bioprinted human-like tissue models, offering a more accurate and efficient way to test new treatments.

Ready to make a real impact?

Whether you're an investor looking for promising opportunities or a startup founder seeking funding and guidance, Cindicates is the place for you. We bring together investors, startups, and the community to foster growth and innovation.

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Rustam Sengupta

Cindicates' investment expertise has been invaluable. They took the time to understand our vision and worked closely with us to shape our business strategy and ensure we stayed on track toward achieving our goals. With their guidance, we expanded operations and reached more communities. We look forward to continuing to work with them to make a positive impact in the care industry.

Rustam Sengupta, Portfolio Company
CEO & Founder, Tuktu

Neil Henderson

I care deeply about Victoria's local startup ecosystem and its entrepreneurs and the Cindicates offer a great avenue through which I can provide support! It also helps that investments are VCC eligible, and can be sheltered in an RRSP if you so choose. For someone dipping their feet into angel investing, it's a great start!

Neil Henderson, Investor
CEO, Redbrick


The Cindicates team has been unwavering champions of joni right from the early days. They recognized our vision and believed in us as founders, providing us with the foundational support to launch, grow, and raise funds. Building a company truly takes a village, and we are incredibly grateful to have them as an integral part of our village!

Linda Biggs & Jayesh Vekariya, Portfolio Company
Co-Founders and Co-CEOs, Joni

Chris Yue

As someone that has always wanted to invest locally, I've appreciated all that Cindicates has to offer. They make investing easy by supporting the best up and coming companies, doing all the due diligence, putting together a good diversity of industries in each cohort and being available to answer any questions that I might have along the way.

Chris Yue, Investor
CEO, Renzoku